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  • My Top 10 Most Interesting Pictures

    Flickr has a secret algorithm for producing a list of the most interesting pictures. So here are what Flickr thinks are my 10 most interesting pictures. Do you agree?

  • Photos Moving up The Ladder

    Here are some photos that recently went up in views and I wanted to share. From Views 75 to Views 100: From Views 50 to Views 75:

  • My Latest Procedural Art

    More math-based art, but I really like how this came out a LOT better than my experiment with Fibonacci. Check them out! A really tight Archemedean Spiral featuring my photos tagged with Cornell An Archemedean Spiral based on my Portrait Photos A Hyperbolic Spiral of my Ithaca Photos A Polar Rose made of Flowers and […]

  • My latest Procedural Art Experiment

    I think that nearly everyone who has ever learned about the Fibonacci Sequence is fascinated by how quickly it grows. I wanted to illustrate that, so I created this collage with some modifications to Jim’s makeCollage.pl script. The rules were that each picture takes the place of a number on the Fibonacci Sequence and is […]

  • Procedural Art

    edited to add the tags I used That collage was created by a program. I certainly don’t have the patience to arrange all of those photos one-by-one!I told the program to download all of my pictures tagged with Eric Danny David and Danielle and create this collage. But does that make this any less of […]

  • More Flickr Hacking

    Over the last two days, between playing Portal and Age of Empires III (both of which are…awesome!), I’ve been doing a little more flickr hacking. This is very closely related to my previous Flickr program where I checked if my pictures were ready to be moved into the next views groups. This time I wanted […]

  • Flickr Views Program

    I forgot to post this about 1 or so weeks ago when I finsihed up the script. So here’s how the output looks on my flickr views program:   Now my next step is to put it on the web. However, the Python API I’m using doesn’t do web-based program authentication. It also doesn’t handle […]

  • Hacking Flickr

    So, thanks to a problem I had with rigging up Nick in “Sugar“, I’ve temporarily lost interest in animation.  This happens to me all the time, and I think I’ve mentioned it before in previous blog posts that I’m too lazy to look up before that I tend to gain and lose interest in my […]

  • Social Web Part 2: Mugshot

    Mugshot is the website that continues to surprise me the more I use it.  At first it was just a website with an unusual purple theme.  Then it was the very frustrating site with the purple theme.  Now it just may be one of the most interesting and underrated sites of the year. In case […]

  • How Flock has completely changed my browsing habits

    Flock has completely changed how I interact with the so-called Social Web.  In my case, that means Facebook and Flickr.  Ever since I first started using Flock and received the help I needed to get the blogging to work, I’ve been using it every day.  In fact, that only thing that has kept me from […]

  • Surprises in Flickr Views

    Last time I checked on that picture it had 25 Views. As of this writing it has 230 Views. That’s not a very high number of views, but for the amount of time it’s been up (about 5 months), the subject matter (a plain view of The White House), and lack of groups (when I […]

  • Further Review of Flock 0.9

    So I’m using Flock daily now for my web browsing to see how I like it. Since I don’t usually go to Facebook on my own, it’s nice to see the notifications within Flock. Thus, I’ve been more responsive to my Facebook private messages, a good thing since my second-cousin recently caught up with me […]

  • Top 10 Flickr Photos

    Some of the usual as well as some interesting ones which have crept into here: