My latest Procedural Art Experiment

I think that nearly everyone who has ever learned about the Fibonacci Sequence is fascinated by how quickly it grows. I wanted to illustrate that, so I created this collage with some modifications to Jim’s script. The rules were that each picture takes the place of a number on the Fibonacci Sequence and is displayed that many times. Of course, I skipped Fibonacci number 1, which is 0. No point in having a picture show up 0 times. So the first picture is shown once, as is the second. Then two times, then three, then…..

Fibonacci Collage

The image just looks like static here and it will also look like this if you just follow the link to Flickr. The only way to truly appreciate it is to follow the link to Flickr, click on All Sizes and then check out the large or Original size. I like the effect, I just wish it was more visible at this magnification. I have some more ideas for the future, so let’s see what I can do by pusihing this script beyond the limits of what anyone ever expected.