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  • Photos and the Changing Online Landscape

    I’ve been on flickr nearly since it first started. It’s been a great community to learn about photography and hook up with others who are really into photography as well. I have 10 700 photos on flickr so I’ve looked on various flickr developments with fear because of how invested I am in the site.…

  • 5 Tips for a More Successful 365 Project

    One of the biggest trends on flickr is to start a 365 Project. This usually means taking one self-portrait a day for an entire year. This project is often misunderstood by those outside of flickr, especially since they’re used to the selfie-culture of MySpace and Facebook. It’s not a vanity project. A 365 Project is…

  • Top 20 Most Viewed Photos

    Yesterday we took a look at the most interesting, now let’s look at the most viewed!  Two photos of Nam that I took with my holga have really been taking off.

  • The Initial Failure and Eventual Triumph of Social Media in my Attempts to Get Tech Support to Help

    A little past the end of February I started having problems with my internet connected devices.  In the basement we have a Roku box that the wife uses to watch Netflix.  She reported that it was no longer connecting to Netflix.  We’d had issues before with it needing to be re-registered with Netflix, but that did…

  • Top 20 Most “Interesting” Photos (According to flickr)

  • Top 10 Most Viewed Photos on flickr

    I’ve had a few changes. My photo of professor Delchamps continues to fall from #1 and we have the Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum photo enter the top 10 for the first time.   #1 11,699 #2 5,362 #3 2,785 #4 2,485 #5 2,453 #6 2,396 #7 2,347 #8 2,299 #9 2,186 #10 1929

  • Dual Photojojo Edition

    I’ve been slacking a bit with these, so here are two photojojo entries.  The first one is from 25 Aug to 8 Sept.  Apparently only my 365 was interesting at the time: The second one is from 8 Sept to 22 Sept, again focusing on my 365.

  • Top 10 Most Viewed Photos on flickr

    #1 11,530 #2 5241 #3 2325 #4 2231 #5 2159 #6 2086 #7 2023 #8 1991 #9 1876 #10 1789

  • Top 20 Most Interesting Photos (According to flickr)

    I haven’t done one of these since last October.  At lot of the same photos are there, but there are a few less panda shots.  A few of the photos have switched spots with each other. And there’s the relatively new photo of Dina and Brian. Interestingly (no pun intended), my most viewed photo is…

  • MoMA and Family BBQ

    On my Father’s Day Weekend visit to NYC I finally got to see some MoMA exhibits I’d wanted to see for months. First off was a Picasso exhibit called “Variations”. Ever since my parents took me to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, FL six years ago, I’ve been very interested in painters – especially…

  • 365 Graph

    Today I worked on a python program to create a graph of the views of all my photos in my 365 Project set. Here’s the result:  (click for full size) I was curious how they stacked up and I wanted to see if I could detect any patterns.  Except for a few outliers, they’re mostly…

  • It’s Been an Interesting Year

    I was looking at my flickr 20 most interesting photos and I realized that a healthy portion of them were taken this year.  Six of the top 20, in fact, were taken in 2009.  Here they are:

  • Ten Thousand Views!

    This photos is my most viewed photo on flickr and today it reached 10,000 views!  The pace of views has been insanely quick.  (for one of my photos)   It only had 5,000 views 18 months ago and ever since then I’ve been wondering when it would reach 10,000 views.  Now the next milestone on the…

  • Picture of the Day (Part 4)

    The conclusion catching us up on my 1 A Day set (not including Project 365 photos).

  • Picture of the Day (Part 3)

    More photos from my 1 A Day Set.