Further Review of Flock 0.9

So I’m using Flock daily now for my web browsing to see how I like it. Since I don’t usually go to Facebook on my own, it’s nice to see the notifications within Flock. Thus, I’ve been more responsive to my Facebook private messages, a good thing since my second-cousin recently caught up with me on Facebook. So I’m liking the Facebook integration even more than I thought I would since I’m not a Facebook-heavy person.

First of all, I have to mention that my problem with blogging and categories is apparently a fluke. I left a comment on their comments page about how it didn’t work and never expected to actually hear from them other than a form letter. We’ve been in communication the past few days trying to figure out why it’s not working with my blog when it should be working with WordPress blogs in general. So, kudos to the engineering team for emailing me right away and working to find an answer. Also in the course of investigation it seems to have been hinted that perhaps they didn’t know as much about the WordPress API as they thought and that my query has helped them to get to know more about it. This can only make it a better browser!

Now, since blogging doesn’t work, there’s pretty much one thing that could keep me in Flock instead of going back to Firefox and that’s their Flickr picture uploader. Thus, I decided to try it out today. The absolute most important (show stopper if it doesn’t do it) thing for me is for it to read the XMP metadata that I add in Photoshop. I add titles and tags in Photoshop and flickr reads this to automatically title and tag the photos. I abhor duplicating my work. If Flock doesn’t do this, then it won’t really have much of an advantage over Firefox. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to the regular browsing interface, but when it comes to the websites I find important, I am a bit more critical.

So I click on upload in the flickr tab of the “People” sidebar and get this:

Flock Flickr integration
Flock Flickr integration

and, unfortunately, there’s failure. I’m able to drag it from Adobe Bridge, which is nice. But when it appears it has the filename as the title and no tags. Well, I’ll put in a feature request and perhaps it’ll be in the next version of Flock. I’ll keep using it through the end of the week and then decide if I’m going back to Firefox.

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  1. One thing I love about Flock, although it does take some getting used to, is the fact that when I open up a new tab from a link, it stays next to the tab from which I just opened it. This is very convenient as I usually end up having to shuffle the tabs around otherwise. Good job team!