My Latest Procedural Art

More math-based art, but I really like how this came out a LOT better than my experiment with Fibonacci. Check them out!

A really tight Archemedean Spiral featuring my photos tagged with Cornell

Tight Cornell Archemedean Spiral

An Archemedean Spiral based on my Portrait Photos

Portrait Archemedean Spiral

A Hyperbolic Spiral of my Ithaca Photos

Hyperbolic Ithaca Spiral

A Polar Rose made of Flowers and Plants

A Rose of Flowers and Plants

A Polar Cardiod featuring Photos of my Wife

A Cardioid of my Heart's True Love, Danielle

It’s been a lot of fun making these and I hope to keep exploring new possibilities with them.

2 responses to “My Latest Procedural Art”

  1. Very commentful!

    I was going to ask ‘how’d you do dat?’ then I see in your previous-latest Procedural Art Experiment you say you used Jim’s script. And sure enough it uses the Perl interface to Image Magick!

    I’ve been meaning to do one on IM’s montage command applied to sprite design like for games, too.

    By the way, your new site design rocks! It’s less cluttered and loads faster.

  2. Thanks on the site design kudos.

    Yeah, you should definitely check out Jim’s script – it rocks and gives a great basis for these neat experiments. I’ve had a LOT of fun working with these mathematical equations.