Top 20 Most Interesting Photos (According to flickr)

I haven’t done one of these since last October.  At lot of the same photos are there, but there are a few less panda shots.  A few of the photos have switched spots with each other. And there’s the relatively new photo of Dina and Brian. Interestingly (no pun intended), my most viewed photo is not in the top 20 most interesting. (So people on flickr like uninteresting shots?)

Decision:  Jump In!

Deciding Whether to Jump In

Rugged Manliness

Reflections of Love #1024

Maxwell's Equations

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Nine: Part 2 - Where is the Target?

Quite an Elaborate Costume on the Left

What's This?  My birthday cake?

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Five:  Stretching My Back and Calves

Infinite Winter Fractal Complexity - 05

Kickin' Back, Enjoying some Bamboo

Will This Support My Weight?

Day One Hundred Fifty-Two:  Practicing new McNally Techniques

Follow These Steps for a Successful Flying Kick

Fellow Flickerites

The LEGO City

Swingers of a Different Sort

Man, I didn't know the NYPD Needed Money This bad!


Kissing in the Rain (Of Balls)