Listening Trends 2015 Q3

After getting to MGMT alphabetically, I tired of going through the list alphabetically. While I have rediscovered some music, I wanted to go back to my auto-playlists which would give me my favorites. I could always get back to going through things alphabetically in the future. One way to accomplish what I wanted was to see which songs don’t have a score – another would be to create a low score playlist I could run every once in a while to see if anything that had scored lowly was now something I wanted to hear.

The updated scrobbler now scrobbles my podcasts. On the one hand, sure, I’m spending time listening to that. On the other hand, the way it works ends up overcounting listens. Oh well.

  1. Anberlin (147 listens)
  2. Lionize (127 listens) – I wrote up a concert review in which they were one of the openers. I have to say that I have really enjoyed Jetpack Soundtrack and it has definitely earned it’s spot.
  3. Reggie Watts (83 listens) – While I found the one episode of Comedy Bang Bang! that I’ve seen to be obnoxious, I find his humor as expressed in his sounds to be pretty funny. He also has a soul album that’s pretty good.
  4. Fall Out Boy (70 listens) – Because I have them on my phone, they get a lot of listens when I’m with the family. But I also finally got the latest album and have played that a few times.
  5. The Protomen (60 listens)
  6. Ignacio Cervantes (58 listens) – Both this one and the next one are from me exploring very old Cuban music.
  7. Acerina y Su Danzonera (54 listens)
  8. APM: Marketplace (54 listens)
  9. Five Iron Frenzy (51 listens)
  10. Giant Bomb (49 listens)
  11. MC Frontalot (43 listens)
  12. The Giant Beastcast (43 listens)
  13. Willy Chirino (40 listens)
  14. The Beatles (39 listens) – It’s only a matter of time before they take over the top spot.
  15. Louis Jordan (39 listens)


Total Songs (in my collection): 16088 (Up from 15709 ) – A decent jump, mostly from adding  in video game soundtracks as I completed the games.

Total Artists: 4626 (up from 4571 )

Total Albums: Amarok is glitching and refusing to say…

Average Songs Per Album: Can’t calculate

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.47 (up from 3.43)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 91,619

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 2912 – A bit less than last time, but I haven’t been listening to as much music.