Listening Trends 2014 Q3

I continued listening to artists alphabetically on my computer and randomly on my phone.

1. Childish Gambino (92 listens) – Came across his music in my alphabetic romp. Currently conflicted. I enjoy the verbal jiu jitsu, but find a lot of it whiny (after hearing for the 15th time) and just so overly aggressively sexual I feel wrong listening to it with my daughter around.
2. Billie Holiday (64 listens) – long-time readers know that Danielle and I listen to pretty much everything from the latest music to the oldest music. Billie Holiday is awesome and more people need to listen to her.
3. Danny Baranowsky (61 listens) – Listened to the Super Meat Boy soundtrack. It was fun.
4. Chance the Rapper (47 listens) – Still really enjoy Acid Rap and don’t enjoy #10Day.
5. The Black Keys (46 listens) – I always start off happy listening to The Black Keys, but the sameness drags on me by the end.
6. Alan Menken (45 listens) – for Scarlett.
7. Celia Cruz (44 listens) – I can listen to Celia Cruz at any time. Really enjoyed revisiting these songs.
7. Brave Saint Saturn (44 listens) – Although the first album’s a tad cheesy, I really enjoy where Reese took things for the second two albums. I continue to hold out hope that he will do another one.
9. Mandy Moore (43 listens) – Scarlett wanted to listen to a lot of Tangled this quarter.
10. Anberlin (31 listens) – Maybe it’s just the quarter in which I bought it, but the last album failed to make a lasting impression. I’m sure, with time, I’ll come to enjoy it as much as I enjoy the other albums.
11. Christafari (30 listens) – The music is a great groove. I have the first two albums and I think I like more songs in the first one, but I do like a lot of the second one. Although no longer an evangelical, I still find it to be pretty uplifting.
12. Ben Shive (29 listens) – There’s a certain timelessness to the songs. Some of them remind me of a subdued Billy Joel.
13. The Chipmunks & The Chipettes (28 listens) – Playing some Chipmunks for Scarlett.
13. The Weeknd (28 listens) – I know there are issues with some of the lyrics, but I do like the sound of a few of the songs. Especially “High for This”
13. Ben Prunty Music (28 listens) – The FTL soundtrack. Quite moody. I enjoy it.


Total Songs (in my collection): 15303 (up from 15042). Less of an increase than in the past, but I’ve been so busy this quarter that I haven’t really been as diligent about looking for new songs.

Total Artists:4526 (up from 4421) I’m actually surprised at this number, but I think it was from me adding a few free songs early in the quarter.

Total Albums:3496 (up from 3454)

Average Songs Per Album: 4.38 (up from 4.35)

Average Songs Per Artist:3.38 (a slight drop from 3.4) Surprised this fell since the previous one rose, but I guess I added a few artists with long albums and then mostly artists with smaller albums.

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 80539

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter:2459 (not quite the 3228 of the last quarter). I think partly due to the fact that I’ve spent a lot less time at my computer, the place I most often listen to music.