Listening Trends 2015 Q2

Anberlin's Last Concert (Nov 2014)

1. Anberlin (171) – Almost the same number of listens as my top artist last quarter (179 for I Fight Dragons). As usual, I continue to enjoy their music and have grown to appreciate some of the ones I didn’t like before. And some of the older stuff seems trite in comparison.
2. Jim Guthrie (168) – As I’ve mentioned before, his folk song compositions are mostly really enjoyable and I like his work on video games and soundtracks.
3. Paul & Storm (138) – I discovered these guys via John Scalzi. I was hesitant to back the Kickstarter for Ball Pit, but I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it on Spotify.
4. Fall Out Boy (101) – A lot of this is from a few recent road trips in which I didn’t want to use data and happened to have Fall Out Boy already on my phone. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the music.
5. Jonathan Coulton (61) – I’ve said so much about how much I enjoy this over the years. Recently Scarlett’s been asking me to play The Princess Who Saved Herself because I got her the book from Greg Pak’s kickstarter.
6. Louis Jordan (58) – I like to kick it to Louis Jordan on the weekends when I want something classic.
7. Anamanaguchi (56) – Some of this was from the high of seeing them live. Some of it was just from really enjoying the music no matter what, especially Endless Fantasy.
8. Jack White (54) – Another artist I’ve been listening to a lot of because of Spotify. His album Lazaretto does not do well on 30 second preview on Amazon. But because of Spotify, I want to buy the album.
9. Kanye West (42) – Most of this came from listening to my music alphabetically.
10. Lostprophets (41) – I may hate what the singer was accused of doing, but these songs still mostly rock.
10. Lana Del Rey (41) – Something I can throw on that both my wife and I like
12. Willy Chirino (34) – Most of the listens came from a greatest hits album on Spotify.
13. Buddy Rich (33) – Another album I wasn’t sure I wanted until I listened to it on Spotify. It reminds me a lot of the music in Cowboy Bebop
13. Five Iron Frenzy (33) – Perennial Favorite
15. Thelonious Monk (31) – something else I like to throw on Sunday mornings.


Total Songs (in my collection):  15709 (Up from 15522 ) – just barely increased. I haven’t found too much new music that I HAVE to have. And I haven’t had time to get the free music from the usual sources.

Total Artists: 4571 (up from 4560 )

Total Albums: 3529 (up from 3518 )

Average Songs Per Album: 4.45 (up from 4.41)

Average Songs Per Artist: 3.43 (up from 3.4)

Total Scrobbles at End of Quarter: 88707

Total Scrobbles for this Quarter: 3015– almost 1000 more than last quarter