My First Attempt at Customizing my Fedora 22 KDE 5 Plasma Desktop 5

20150529 - Main Activity

So I found out today that there is no way to re-enable different backgrounds and plasmoids per virtual desktop. It appears to be a mix of forcing people to finally use activities and a complication that was causing all kinds of bugs (according to their bugzilla). I was bummed for about an hour. The different backgrounds can make it very easy to know what virtual desktop you’re at without having to glance at the pager. And if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time longer than a couple months you have seen my Desktop Screenshots and know how much I customize it in KDE.

My usual setup had 3 virtual desktops with the last one being dedicated for the web. So in effect just two. Ballooning the number of activities I use by 1.5-2 times isn’t that big a deal – especially as the KDE programmers have done a good job of making switching nearly as fast as switching virtual desktops. It’ll just take a slight paradigm shift. So, here’s my first attempt at a KDE 5/ Plasma Desktop 5 customization:

I’m sure, just like my first attempt at KDE 4 desktops, in 2010 or 2011, I’ll look back and cringe on what I thought was a good idea. But for now I’m just trying to recreate a semblance of what I had in KDE 4.