Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 5: supermario

Fedora 22 Update Featured Image

I was pleasantly surprised to see the next day, when I woke up, that plasma had loaded up despite the fact that I removed kmod-nvidia. Also, I did not have the same issue with KDM as I did with tanukimario. I was loaded in with the blue triangle background. I was greeted with the message “Your saved type “kde-plasma” is not valid any more. Please select a new one, otherwisee ‘default’ will be used.” I select “Plamsa” and am greeted with the KDE loading screen I’ve become oh-so familiar with.

Things load a bit slowly, although perhaps that has to do with the lack of the nvidia driver. I’ll have to check that presently. Interestingly, my activities have come along for the ride. Fedora didn’t eliminate them in the conversion to KDE/Plasma 5. I *did* lose my backgrounds and widgets which is par for the course. An

rpm -aq *nvidia*

seems to confirm that the packages haven’t somehow akmod installed themselves.

I start off with a

dnf groupinstall  "Fedora Workstation" "KDE Plasma Workspace" "Basic Desktop"

to make sure I have the base packages I’d have if I’d done a basic install. It includes a few more Gnome packages than I probably would have with a KDE install, but I’d probably end up with those anyway as I installed some Gnome stuff. dnf seems to run faster than yum did on the same system. Also, it was faster to load into Plasma 5 than it had been to go into Plasma 4.


dnf install kmod-nvidia-340xx

that was incredibly quick! Then a distro-sync and a reboot. Interestingly, after all that my reboot led to my KDE desktop having a Fedora logo for the Kickstart menu instead of a K. Interestingly, despite my activities making it over, my virtual desktops were reduced to 1. Between a quick perusal of the settings and my memories of upgrading Kubuntu to Plamsa Workspaces 5, it’ll probably be somewhere between 1-3 weeks before I have all the settings the way I like them. Also, I can’t wait to try out KDE Connect! Once I have things configured, expect some desktop screenshot updates.