Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 3: kuribo

Fedora 22 Update Featured Image

Today I upgraded my netbook. Interestingly, this had less problems than yesterday with the guest computer. Perhaps because I wasn’t using KDM on my netbook? Anyway, I was actually expecting a worse time, but it worked out. It appears that KDE Netbook edition didn’t make the jump to Plasma 5. But maybe it’s just a setting I need to discover. See, my netbook is a 2nd gen netbook – not a piece of garbage like our EEE Machine, but it has a sub-HD resolution and so using most programs is hard unless the Window Manager or Desktop Environment is getting rid of window decorations. So far, KDE 5 is OK. I may end up going to Fluxbox. (I did not like XFCE on this screen resolution) Here’s my desktop as of now:

Kuribo on Fedora 22 in KDE 5
Kuribo on Fedora 22 in KDE 5

Something nice and clean about that background image with the new, flat Plasma 5/KDE 5 and its monochromatic icons. KDE is a bit SLOW for this laptop with its underpowered Atom N455, but I may stick with it. We’ll see.