Review: Chrono Trigger (Boss Fight Books, #2)

Chrono Trigger (Boss Fight Books, #2)Chrono Trigger by Michael P. Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is exactly what I hoped it would be. It is a deconstruction and reconstruction of the plot; it is an examination of what made the game so special. And it is a chunk of the author’s autobiography.

Unlike the author, and perhaps unlike most Chrono Trigger players, this was my first Square RPG. My brothers and I saw it in a used game sale bin at our local game rental shop. Attracted by Toriyama’s art more than anything else, we bought it for about $20 by combining all our allowances. It is no over exaggeration to say that purchase changed our lives. We had no idea such a game could exist.

This book also has a great chapter with an interview with the two translators. It was amazing, but also sad because it revealed that many of the references I loved like the names of the wise men were added by Woolsley.

If you played Chrono Trigger in the 90s you must buy this book.

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