Review: Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI (Boss Fight Books, #28)Final Fantasy VI by Sebastian Deken
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was a kickstarter backer on the campaign for this book

I’ve been waiting for this book for a while. This game, along with Chrono Trigger, was very formative in my early gaming years. The book decides to focus on one of the greatest things about Final Fantasy VI (FF3 in the original US release), the music. I can’t argue with the fact that Uematsu’s music is incredible – I own a bunch of Final Fantasy soundtracks. That said, my preference would have been for a few chapters on the music. Mr. Deken’s work views FF6 entirely through the lens of music. It is definitely a unique lens and one that he is very well situated to opine on. It makes this book special compared to others that would tackle the same subject. It’s also what you get with a Boss Fight Book – a book that is HIGHLY dependent on how the author relates to the subject – for better and for worse.

And so, I give it 3 stars which Goodreads says is “I like it”; exactly how I felt with the book. If you are both a Final Fantasy and music geek/nerd, you will love this book with its multiple pages of FF6 sheet music. If you’re just a FF6 fan, I think you’ll still enjoy it. If you’re just a general video games fan, it may be a tougher sell.

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