Review: Kingdom Hearts II (Boss Fight Books, #16)

Kingdom Hearts II (Boss Fight Books, #16)Kingdom Hearts II by Alexa Ray Corriea
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As with the best books in this series, Ms. Corriea has a deep passion for the game she’s writing about and it had a profound impact in her life. Over a number of chapters, she makes a great case for why this series is capable of deeper reflection than it would seem for a game with Donald, Goofy, and Cloud McCrono-face the protagonist (Sora). She does a great job blending the history of the series as well as pulling in information from later games to show the deep universe the creator put together in this series. It’s a game I own, but never got to play as I got it in college and from that point on I’ve had trouble finding the time needed to complete a jRPG. After reading this book, I’m keen for my kids to play it during that magical 9-14 years old where jRPG melodramatics play so hard. (And I think part of why FF6 and Chrono Trigger hit me so hard while I never really got into FF7 – FFX)

If you read this close to when I’m publishing this review, you should definitely check out the Boss Fight Book Humble Bundle. More often than not the books are great like this one and really showcase how a game can be so transformative for the player.

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