Upcoming Changes

That this blog is at the strange URL of server.ericsbinaryworld.com/blog is the product of the circumstances at the time that I got my first ever URL – www.ericsbinaryworld.com. That URL went to my tripod site, the only way I knew how to do hosting at the time. In 2003 I wanted to play with using Linux to host my own server, hence the server.ericsbinaryworld.com. And I wanted to do other things than just blog, hence the blog being in a subdirectory. Time has passed and WordPress has grown to be a full CMS. I’ve gotten more sophisticated when it comes to the Internet and understanding how things work and should be structured. I’m not 100% sure right now, but I’m leaning towards moving the blog in Mid-April to www.ericsbinaryworld.com for simplicity and elegance’s sake. I’m not 100% sure because I’ve been at this URL FOREVER. At the same time, the Internet has wonderful things like redirects and since pretty much every domain registrar provides subdomains for free, I’ll be able to handle people coming to the old URL seamlessly. I might also condense a few of my other URLs to reduce the amount of money I’m paying each year to register my domains – especially since most of them are not getting enough traffic that it would matter if I gave them up. Unlike Jeff and some of the other Giant Bomb guys, I don’t have enough money to throw away on URLs just for fun. When the time comes and it’s certain, I’ll make another post so you can update your links, bookmarks, and RSS feeds.

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