Micro-blogging: 3 years later… (5 years in)

It’s been three years since the last time I posted about micro-blogging. Since then Google Buzz has been killed off, Google Plus has taken its place, Tumblr has arrived on the scene, and Identica doesn’t exist in the same way as it once did. I’m also using KDE now, so I went from using Gwibber to using Choqok:


I used Tumblr for about a year but I abandoned it because it’s just animated gifs and curation of the work of others. Out of all the Tumblrs I followed (about 20) only about 3 of them produced original content. All the rest were just reblogs. Also, there’s too much porn on there to use at work.

I don’t really used Google+ other than to share videos of Scarlett with the family. I’d use it more if they finally came out with an API so I could use it with Choqok. Identica changed from Status.net to something else and Choqok doesn’t support it yet, so I’m not using it at this time.

Finally, I’ve gone from using Twitter only to gripe to using it to connect with other creatives. I’ve been able to have Twitter conversations with some of my favorite comic book creators. I also was able to use it to get that great interview with I Fight Dragons about their Kickstarter. So I’m really loving it for the ability to connect with people that, in the old world, could only have received fan letters and wouldn’t have written back.

What’ll the micro-blogging world look like in another 2-3 years? Will Google fold again or did they find a winner this time? What will I be using to interface with these services and what will I be getting out of it? Only time will tell.