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  • Is there a replacement in the Fediverse for the Creative Class?

    I was on Identi.ca back when it first launched and I joined Mastodon a few years ago. Identi.ca had a decent number of FLOSS devs at the time, but by the time of Mastodon, Twitter was ascendant. So “no one” was on Mastodon. Even a few of the FLOSS developers I followed on Mastodon never […]

  • Micro-blogging: 3 years later… (5 years in)

    It’s been three years since the last time I posted about micro-blogging. Since then Google Buzz has been killed off, Google Plus has taken its place, Tumblr has arrived on the scene, and Identica doesn’t exist in the same way as it once did. I’m also using KDE now, so I went from using Gwibber […]

  • The AV Club is Right. Patton Oswalt Won Twitter

    The important thing is that you need to read to the end of the article or it’s just going to seem really weird.

  • When Twitter is Awesome

    The thing I like the most about Twitter is the ability to interact with creatives in real time.  In the past you had to write a letter to a writer, artist, musician, etc and hope that, maybe, they’d actually read it and that, maybe, they’d feel compelled to reply with something more than boilerplate.  I […]

  • The Initial Failure and Eventual Triumph of Social Media in my Attempts to Get Tech Support to Help

    A little past the end of February I started having problems with my internet connected devices.  In the basement we have a Roku box that the wife uses to watch Netflix.  She reported that it was no longer connecting to Netflix.  We’d had issues before with it needing to be re-registered with Netflix, but that did […]

  • Automatically Posting your Top 3 Artists from Last.fm onto Twitter (with Python!)

    I wrote this code a while back because a website that does the same thing seemed to miss my posts every other week.  So I figured I’d write my own in python to do the same thing to me.  Then I just put it into a cron job to automatically run it every Sunday.  I’m […]

  • Micro-blogging: 2 years later…

    Almost exactly 2 years ago I started micro-blogging. Back then I signed up for Twitter, Pownce, and Plurk accounts. One month later I concluded that I really liked Twitter and that Pownce and Plurk were annoying. A few days later I discovered Identi.ca – a FLOSS version of Twitter and decided I would send frivolous […]

  • The “Look at Me” Culture

    I came to a disturbing realization the other day – I’ve come to feel that whatever isn’t online isn’t real.  This came about thanks to the Wii’s insanely stupid online policy.  Everything about playing online with the Wii is an exercise in frustrating the user.  Rather than always be connected to the net when the […]

  • Pownce is Dead, Long Live Twitter

    As I mentioned in my post Micro-blogging:  One Month Later, I hadn’t really used Pownce much at all.  Even now, 4 months later, I haven’t touched it.  In fact, ever since that post in August, I only used it once to transfer a file to my brother.  I thought there wasn’t much room on the […]

  • Micro-blogging: One Month Later

    It’s been about a month since I signed up for a bunch of micro-blogging websites. So what do I think after about a month? Let me start off with Twitter. In my first look at the micro-blogs I had some pretty good feelings about Twitter. That has basically carried over for the past few weeks. […]

  • A Macro-blog Post about Micro-blogging

    I’ve known about micro-blogging for 1-2 years now – ever since I first started hearing about Twitter. Up until now I’ve been vehemently against the whole micro-blogging trend. To begin with, it requires anyone who wants to keep up with my writing to check yet another website! On top of that, I just can’t see […]