Hawaii Day 5

And now it’s time for the conclusion of my Hawaii travel photo blog. (Started Here) The first photos are Friday EST, but still Thursday in Hawaii.

Framed Sail Boats
Boat Framed Between Palm Trees

That night I was bored so I set up my tripod on my balcony and shot some night scenes.

Crossing the Street
Night shots of the intersection below my balcony

No Moonlight Pool Usage
Empty pool in the hotel next door

The following day work ended around lunchtime and my flight didn’t take off right away, so I went for a drive. First I got some photos of some surfers and wind surfers.

Surfing Triangle

Wind Surfers

Then I found a lighthouse I had been looking for on my last trip. Although, I’m glad I didn’t find it last time because I ended up doing a great hike with my wife.

I finally found you
Lighthouse that can be seen from the top of Diamond Head

Then I went to a section of the bottom of Diamond Head where a bunch of buses with Japanese tourists kept dropping by and having the passengers take some photos and then get back on the bus.

Japanese Fashion
Japanese Fashion

A Good Laught and a Cigarette
A smoke and a laugh

Once again overcoming my fear of speaking to strangers in order to photograph them, I found out these two are married and biking all around Oahu.

Married Bikers
Biking Together on Oahu

Over all, I walked more than 9.1 miles while in Hawaii. Probably closer to 12 or so. My average speed was 3.6 miles per hour and those 9 miles were over 2 hours 32 minutes.

On the way back I was envious of this small child who had no problems with leg room. My lack of leg room kept me from being able to fall asleep.

Kids are always in Extra Legroom Seats
For kids, all seats are extra legroom seats