A Small Trip to Naples

At the end of June I went to my grandfather’s 70th birthday party.  But, before that, we went on a small vacation to Naples, Fl.  My mom got us a very expensive hotel on the beach and we had a blast! I got another change to use the underwater housing I first used on my Hawaii Trip.

This is the view of the very expensive houses I could see from the balcony.

The View from my Naples Balcony
The view from my balcony

And I got a good photo of my mom.

Mom on the Balcony in Naples
My mother on the hotel balcony

First we hit up the beach. It was great to be able to get shots that would have been impossible otherwise. (Especially with the constant high waves making it impossible to just hold up the camera)

Dan and Kenny
Daniel and Kenny before chaos happens

But soon, the fact that we had a camera available changed the activities we chose to engage in.

Dan throwing Kenny in the Air
Daniel Throwing Kenny Into the Air

Kenny Flies Through the Air Once Again
David Throwing Kenny To Daniel

The Prized Catch of the Day
Holding up Kenny

Let’s just say that Kenny got to take advantage of the fact that his big brothers are A LOT older than he is. Mwahaha!.

Then we moved on to the pool where I was able to get some underwater shots. The ocean was just too turbid due to the constant churning from the waves.

"What're you doing here?"
What're you doing here?


The Thinker Submerged
The Thinker Submerged

Like a CD Cover
Anal Bum Cover

And here’s one of Dave just barely out of the water.

Aqua-Ninja Dave

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