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Unfortunately, the flickr map page for my account only shows the last 30 or so photos on the map. So it’s pretty rare to get it zoomed out this far to show your GPS shots. I keep wishing they’d show all the GPS tagged photos (using some algorithm to combine them into one dot if you’re zoomed out far enough) so you can get an idea of where around the world the users have been. So after uploading a few Hawaii photos, it looked like this:

My flickr geotagged photos
My flickr geotagged photos

Those are the photos from Dina’s graduation, my recent bike ride and Hawaii.

A few weeks ago I went to Dina’s graduation and uploaded the photos from the party to flickr.  This resulted in my most views per day in a long time with 1037 views on 9 June.  Well, now my Hawaii photos have beaten that with 1216 views on 24 June.  I wonder if it’s because people are searching for Hawaii photos since it’s the summer?  Here’s the graph:

Flickr Views Graph
Flickr Views Graph

As you can see, yesterday I had some pretty good numbers too.  I don’t want to spoil the Hawaii shots since I’m working on a travelogue about my trip, but here are some of the non-Hawaii photos that contributed to my high views that day.

Second Half of the Line for the Anberlin Concert
Line to get into Anberlin Concert in Phillly
Chess on Brighton Beach
Playing Chess on the Boardwalk
Cayuga Lake
Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY
Baltimore Inner Harbor at Night - 03
Baltimore, MD
Bathroom Water Damage
Water Damage in my old Apartment
Putting the Gater On
Putting on the Garter at Richard's Wedding
Ron Paul Protest - 005
Ron Paul Protest in DC

2 responses to “Flickr Stuff”

  1. Geotagging seems to be increasing your exposure beyond what you might have expected.

    • Yeah, that’s probably playing a bit of a role as I’ve had flickr suggest on more than one occasion that I should look at photos GPS-tagged from Honolulu.