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  • Sam’s Drawing

  • Scarlett’s idea of Spelunky

    Scarlett drew this back in September when the kids were playing a lot of Spelunky. It’s interesting to see which parts of the game imprinted on her mind.

  • Scarlett’s Drawing of Mickey Mouse

  • Animals

    Sometimes Scarlett asks me to draw with her. So I drew this scene: Of course, what we “see” is dependent upon our state of mind. Having been watching lots of fairy tale cartoons, her first guess was that I’d drawn a dragon and a dinosaur. Her second guess, of course, was correct that it was…

  • Scarlett Draws a Human

    Scarlett Draws a Human

    I know there’s a fine line between a parent being impressed by their child and a parent bragging. Nonetheless, I thought this drawing Scarlett did was pretty good for a 3 year old.  

  • Playing a little More with the Drawing Tablet

  • Finally have a Drawing Tablet

    More on this later. For now: My first attempt with the pen had me getting used to pressure controlling thickness: I got a little better the second time around: And for my final act of the night, a portrait of Scarlett:      

  • “Commissioned” Art

    Here are some of the things Scarlett has asked me to draw. There are a few themes I think you may notice.

  • MoMA and Family BBQ

    On my Father’s Day Weekend visit to NYC I finally got to see some MoMA exhibits I’d wanted to see for months. First off was a Picasso exhibit called “Variations”. Ever since my parents took me to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, FL six years ago, I’ve been very interested in painters – especially…

  • NYC Tet Trip Day 2

    Part of my NYC Tet Travelogue.  See part one here. this entry was originally written on ?13 Feb 2010 I went to the Lomography store yesterday and it was a very interesting experience.  The store matches the aesthetic of the Lomography movement.  It has a very casual feel to it.  It definitely belongs in Greenwich…

  • My Latest Procedural Art

    More math-based art, but I really like how this came out a LOT better than my experiment with Fibonacci. Check them out! A really tight Archemedean Spiral featuring my photos tagged with Cornell An Archemedean Spiral based on my Portrait Photos A Hyperbolic Spiral of my Ithaca Photos A Polar Rose made of Flowers and…

  • My latest Procedural Art Experiment

    I think that nearly everyone who has ever learned about the Fibonacci Sequence is fascinated by how quickly it grows. I wanted to illustrate that, so I created this collage with some modifications to Jim’s makeCollage.pl script. The rules were that each picture takes the place of a number on the Fibonacci Sequence and is…