Jeb Bush puts a temporary ban on all state executions

I think it’s time we rethink why we execute criminals. Because we seem to have some very funny and contradictory ideas right now as a result of no one wanting to examine them. For example, Jon Doe brutally murders a family. He gets the death penalty and we must ensure that his death is quick and painless. Did he ensure that the deaths he committed were quick and painless? And what kind of a deterrent is death if it is going to be a as nice as being knocked unconscious?

There is really only one reason I can think of for not killing him in the same manner that he killed the others – perhaps its the wrong guy. But if it is the wrong guy, then we should kill him at all. Why should someone’s life be ended because the cops caught the wrong guy?

I think if we’re going to have so many problems and lawsuits because we’re trying to kill these people in a humane way, we should just abolish the death penalty.