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  • A Six Year Old’s view of Geopolitics

    A week ago Stella asked me, “Daddy, why is China fighting Ukraine?” I told her, “No, China isn’t fighting Ukraine. Russia is fighting Ukraine.” She thought for a moment and she asked, “Russia wants to take over Ukraine?” After I answered in the affirmative she asked, “If Ukraine wins the war, does that mean they […]

  • It would be awesome if he finished by dropping the mic….

    Here’s a letter Governor Jerry Brown sent to Ben Carson when he said that climate change was irrelevant: Dear Dr. Carson, I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to the Golden State. It’s come to my attention that while you were here you said the following regarding climate science: “I know there are a lot of […]

  • This year has provided more examples than ever of this…

  • The Reward for Uncovering the Truth….

    …is pretty universal: punishment. The man who recorded one of two videos showing Baltimore cops dragging a screaming Freddie Gray into the back of a police van was arrested Thursday night, two days after voicing concerns that police were trying to intimidate him by plastering his photo all over the news, saying they wanted to […]

  • Something Needs to Change

    Something Needs to Change

    For the past two years we’ve had increasing evidence that something needs to change in the police/neighborhood dynamic. But Fergusson, New York City, and Baltimore are only the tip of the iceburg in every sense of the metaphor. If, like me, you follow the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Boing Boing, and other organizations committed to justice, […]

  • Martin Luther King Jr and The Baltimore Riots

    Martin Luther King Jr and The Baltimore Riots

    I’ve been meditating on a blog post about the riot in my figurative backyard. While I’m still unsure if whether I’ll end up writing anything about it, I came across some interesting MLK Jr quotes today. A riot is the language of the unheard. Martin Luther King Jr and this one seems to apply not […]

  • I hope they’re wrong again – supposedly 6 inches of snow tonight, but I’m so sick of snow

  • Kill an African American?

    No problem! But kill an elk? You are going to get convicted, you monster! Jurors deliberated for about four hours before convicting Sam Carter on all nine counts he faced, which also included forgery and tampering with evidence. Carter shot “Big Boy” the bull elk with his buckshot-loaded shotgun as it grazed on fallen crabapples, […]

  • I love when newspapers predict things that are hilarious in hindsight

    I love when newspapers predict things that are hilarious in hindsight:

  • American ADD

    I was sad today when I realized I’d already forgotten about the Trayvon Martin case.

  • May The Genie Trapping Attempts Begin

    Remember earlier this week when I said the gun control debate was now pointless? Apparently the State Department wants to pretend that what I said isn’t true. In a complete misunderstanding of how the Internet works, they have compelled the website holding the CAD designs for the 3D gun to remove the CAD file.  The […]

  • Politics: Illicit Acquisition of Game of Thrones in Australia and the Death of CISPA

    A bit of a news roundup for this week’s political post. Apparently, illicit acquisition of the Game of Thrones is making things awkward for the United States Ambassador to Australia.  He’s asking Australians to please stop getting the show off the Internet. After all, the US is quick to put (or threaten to put) other […]

  • Maybe the Slippery Slope is a Good Thing? Slate Has An Interesting Call For Legalizing Polygamy

    The slippery slope rebuttal can be pretty annoying depending on how dumb the person using the argument wants to be.  For example, many people say all the surveillance cameras we have everywhere are a slippery slope towards totalitarian governments.  While I think we still have a few tricks up our sleeves before we have to […]

  • Do they really need to know this?

    I’m not often annoyed enough with mainstream news organizations to make a big deal out of it. Plenty of stuff they do annoys me, but I rarely get so charged up that I blog about it. Recently they stoked my fire when discussing the attempted terrorism on Times Square. Take, for example the following excerpt […]

  • Podcasts I’m Listening To

    I’ve been listening to podcasts for about two years now.  I got into it because I love listening to some NPR programs, but they are always on when I’m at work or asleep on the weekends.  Eventually, I heard on NPR that they have podcasts of various shows.  I checked it out right away because […]