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  • The Most Howard County Election Thing Ever

    Here in Maryland, Howard County has a bumper sticker you see on almost all the cars – it’s basically that green sign on the top right (without the deplorable thing, of course). So when I saw this, I was blown away at the awesome creative nature of the situation. It’s a nice bit of humor…

  • Donald Trump Supporters in Maryland

    Donald Trump Supporters in Maryland

    These guys show up during rush hour every Friday. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with their views, but it’s so annoying that it backs up traffic as people try and read the signs.

  • It would be awesome if he finished by dropping the mic….

    Here’s a letter Governor Jerry Brown sent to Ben Carson when he said that climate change was irrelevant: Dear Dr. Carson, I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to the Golden State. It’s come to my attention that while you were here you said the following regarding climate science: “I know there are a lot of…

  • If you’re non-technical or my Anti-DRM rants never make sense, you need to watch this video

  • Why would you think war was over?

    Why would you think war was over?

    After all, we’ve always been at war with Eastasia Afghanistan and will always be at war with Eastasia Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is not ending, US government attorneys said in court documents unsealed Friday, undercutting statements President Barack Obama made last December and in his State of the Union address a few weeks later…

  • The Long-lasting damage of cop misbehavior

    The lives lost are tragic, but the constant police misbehavior has an even worse effect on society. I came across the following today on an article about Stingrays: Well, the supposed “good guys” (cops) no longer really care what is legal and what is not, so why should I? Once this type of sentiment becomes…

  • Next time you hear about the 2nd Amendment to defend against tyranny….

    Some folks (especially Americans) seem to think that their AR-15s are a guarantor that they can resist tyranny. But guns are an 18th century response to 18th century threats to democracy. Capital doesn’t need to point a gun at you to remove your democratic rights: it just needs more cameras, more cops, and a legal…

  • Preach it, Oatmeal!

    The Oatmeal schools everyone (especially Ted Cruz) in why we need Net Neutrality. Share this EVERYWHERE!

  • No, Florida, No.

    Apparently my old stomping grounds of Ft Lauderdale have passed an ordinance making it illegal to feed the homeless. WTF, Florida? Anyone who is active in church should be fighting this with civil disobedience. They can’t arrest all of you!

  • This story’s too good

    For all those who say the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a gun….. “William Coleman III of Gresham, Oregon, was robbed of his Walther-brand P22 handgun. The gun was stolen by a young man who walked up to Coleman, pulled out his own gun, and said, ‘I…

  • #EndTweedismEverywhere

    Sometimes you can’t see something about yourself until you see it in someone else. World-famous lawyer Lawrence Lessig on why we should be protesting like those in Hong Kong.

  • Explaining Conservatism?

    I heard an interesting theory today – not sure if it’s a causal or correlation relationship, but it goes as follows: We know that genetics plays a role in how naturally fearful people are. If you’re more towards fearful on the spectrum, you’re not going to want to live in a big city full of…

  • It Shouldn’t Be This Way

    Some things people don’t know because they weren’t taught. Or it was taught in a way that didn’t make sense to the way their brains work. Or it was beyond them for some reason. All of this is fine. It’s the prideful ignorance that is really wreaking havok with this country. The following Daily Show…

  • Humanity Has Truly Changed Very Little

    Yesterday I read through the intro of Don’t Know Much About Mythology. It posited that one possible reason for myths was for the rich to control the poor. I thought, “Yeah. Makes sense back then with their god-kings, but we’re smarter now.” Then I thought about American politics and realized nothing has changed over the…

  • Ugh

    The Supreme Court rulings on campaign finance make me think of Animal Farm. All are equal, but some are more equal than others. (Because if money is free speech, some have way more free speech than others)