Gay Pastor Confesses?

It was just an audio footnote on NPR’s story, but he has confessed to his church that some of the allegations are true.

This story should remind people why religion and politics shouldn’t be mixed. This guy wanted to be all big, calling into the White House and stuff and he wanted to support and anti-gay amendment. Now, the whole world gets to watch his fall. It always makes me sad when religious leaders get caught up in stuff like this because, as a religious person myself, it makes it seem as though all Christians are hypocritical or something. Sure, even Christians, sin, but the cliche is true – the bigger you are, the harder you fall. If this guy was just some regular local preacher, this would just be a Colorado thing instead of a National issue.

Sad day indeed. Well, if you aren’t too cynical, pray for his family because he has kids and you can bet the other kids will be ruthless in persecuting them. All boys call other boys’ dads wimps and gay and whatever, but this time they have the news on their side.

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4 responses to “Gay Pastor Confesses?”

  1. I think the media’s just on a normal election-year frenzy. I checked the stories, and none of them say the charges that he admitted to. Best guess, from the excerpts of the voicemails that were released, he might’ve confessed to the drug use.

    Then again, I’m a cynical former journalism major… I tend to think they’re all biased… :-p

  2. I find it interesting, though, that the media firestorm stopped abruptly after the election… I can’t find anything pretaining to the story past November 6th…

  3. Actually, this morning on CNN they said that he was going through some kind of Christian Gayness Rehab