He’s cheating on his wife? With a gay man?!?

A Pastor with ties to the White House, Republicans, and Anti-Gay Marriage stuff in Colorado has been accused of having an affair with a gay man. Now, the elections are just 4 days away, so the first thing I thought was – this is TOO perfect. This has to have been made up to defame the guy in the hopes of throwing off the “Values Voters” who vote for Republicans. After all, if they aren’t practicing what they preach, why not vote for Democrats? Even just saying he had a heterosexual affair would be bad, as he is a Pastor and is supposed to be setting an example. But it has happened before.

At this point it is just an accusation, and it may be false. You may point to the fact that he has campaigned very heavily against Gay Marriage. Why would a secretly gay man be against Gay Marriage? Well, why would Mark Foley be against pedophiles? He did a lot of influential campaign work against pedophiles and then we find him exchanging dirty emails with under-aged pages. So, the Pastor may be against gay marriage for the same psychological reason. Or he may feel it is a penance for his gay behavior.

Whatever the fallout is, it’s not expected to do much in Colorado where the Democrats already had a huge lead.

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One response to “He’s cheating on his wife? With a gay man?!?”

  1. If the pastor denied all these allegations why did he resign? Hahahaha “Coalition for Moral Order” rules again!!!