Secret Sessions of Congress

Two days ago, the Democrats called a secret session of congress to look into whether the Bush Administration purposely misled the American public with respect to the resons for the War in Iraq. This is an open secret to me. Only a fool doesn’t know that Bush or his cronies purposely lied about the war in Iraq. They wanted to go to war from the time they came into office and the terrorism attacks simply gave them the excuse they needed to waltz right in and take the country.
I mean, that’s the whole point of the Valery CIA Leak investigation. Her husband found out the yellow cake excuse was BS. When he told the Administration they ignored him. When he leaked to the press, they put out his wife’s identity. Why do this? Because they were lying! Otherwise, why be scared of what he was saying?

With respect to WMD, I can give them a little they had WMD and therefore should have waited we also didn’t know there wasn’t any either. not have been lying to us.
lattitude. While we didn’t KNOW for the UN inspectors to finish, So I would say on WMD, they might

With respect to the link between Saddam and Al Queda – there was no link whatsoever. If they had checked with any Saddam experts, they would have known that someone as paranoid and meglomaniacal as Saddam wouldn’t have trusted Al Quaeda for any help. Therefore they lied here.
So I think the Democrats are just trying to bring to the forefront, what most people already know. So I see this as probably more of trying to kick Bush while he’s down (Supreme Court nominee. Scooter Libby, plummeting ratings) rather than truthfully being concerned with whether the Administration lied about the reasons for war.

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