Category: War in Iraq

  • Enough already!

    The way the news keeps talking about the Virginia Tech killings, you’d think it was the only thing going on in the news. Did everyone forget about Darfur, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, missile defense in Poland, Russia, Chinese bootlegging, the failure of Windows Vista, etc? I mean, yes, it is extremely tragic that 32 people died […]

  • The X and Y Axis of Evil

    Those of us who read the newspapers, which tend to be focused on more details than Tv news, have read the stories that neither the administration nor Tv news have focused too much on: Iran was cooperating with the USA after 11 Sept 2001. They were helping us go after the Taliban and catching terrorists. […]

  • Has it been that long?

    FiveFour years ago I was on Spring Break and watching CNN at 0000 (midnight) or later. I was talking to my wife (then my girlfriend), although I don’t remember if it was over the phone or on AIM via my dad’s laptop. There was a breaking news bulletin and then I saw a night vission […]

  • Forget gays, let’s have drug addicts and convicts in the military!

    We’re currently mired down in a war that is wearing our armed forces thin. The military is having a hard time meeting its recruitment targets and they have resorted to lowering their recruitment standards. Reports in the news have talked of people with drug problems and prior prison time being hired. Open gays? No – […]

  • Donald Rumsfeld fired!

    So, today I heard the biggest shock of 2006, Donald Rumsfeld was sacked! This was a surprise because Bush emphatically declared, going into the election, that he would not get rid of Rummy. It was also a surprise because I thought Bush would let the democrats fight to get rid of Rumsfeld, thus putting the […]

  • Quotes!

    “eat like a pig, ride [a bike] like a beast” – Marc S. “Given unlimited time and unlimited support, we’re winning the war” – General Abizaid about Iraq War “This is not a war on terror any more than WWII was a war against kamikazes.” – John Lehman about Iraq War

  • Al Zarquawi is dead

    Others have probably covered it to death. I am just mentioning it because it is that important.

  • Stop disrespecting soldiers!

    I saw something today that disgusted me. It’s relatively old news, but it’s the first time I’d actually seen the story on tv. It seems there are some Christians who have made it a point to undermine Christianity at all costs. What makes it even worse is that these guys are a bunch of Baptists, […]

  • Shi’ites and Sunni & Protestants and Catholics

    For a while I kept wondering what the heck was going on in Iraq. Why were the Shi’ites and Sunni killing each other? Aren’t they both Muslim? What barbaric behaviour to kill your own compatriots, not because they are a different religion, but just a different sect! But then, one night as I lay awake […]

  • Does anyone really know what is going on in Iraq?

    I was watching ABC Family a few nights ago when I discovered that Who’s Line is It Anyway? was on right before I went to bed. Right after the second episode of Who’s Line, ABC family became CBN. I am not sure, but I think that stands for the Christian Broadcasting Network. I guess that […]

  • Secret Sessions of Congress

    Two days ago, the Democrats called a secret session of congress to look into whether the Bush Administration purposely misled the American public with respect to the resons for the War in Iraq. This is an open secret to me. Only a fool doesn’t know that Bush or his cronies purposely lied about the war […]

  • Has a human life become worth more?

    Today it was announced that there have officially been 2000 deaths in Iraq. This has been called a benchmark by a lot of anti-war protesters and they want to have 2000 people meet up in Washington DC and act dead to show people just how many people are dead if 2000 people have died. I, […]