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  • Getting Rid of Cable

    This week was my last week with cable television.  I’ve had it since I was around 12 years old or so.  Now I’ve been on my own for a few years now and I noticed two things.  One, I don’t watch much cable television.  Just a few programs here and there.  Two, it’s pretty expensive!  […]

  • Neuros OSD First Impressions

    The following was live-blogged on 25 Jul 2008: Got my Neuros OSD today via UPS!  w00t w00t!  I’ve been lusting after this since it was featured in Linux Format Magazine last month.  (or was it two months ago?)  I unpacked the contents and skimmed through the quick start guide.  Then I hooked it up in […]

  • Is it obsolete? TV Stations

    Today I consider whether or not TV Stations as a distinct programming lineup have become obsolete.  More or less since the beginning of commercial television there have been TV Stations to tune in to.  (eg ABC, HBO, TNT)  These stations create and broadcast original programming or buy the rights to broadcast programming created by others […]

  • The Neuros OSD

    The Neuros OSD is a device created by Neuros Technology.  This is a device I am REALLY excited about buying.  I first heard about it in the latest issue of Linux Format Magazine, which gave it a rating of 9/10.  What’s so awesome about this device?  It runs Linux!  “So what?” You may say, “So […]

  • Upgrading to Mythdora 5.0

    Written Friday, 2 May 2008 Today I decided to upgrade my Mythdora to the latest verison, 5.0. I downloaded the CD media and booted into the install. I had to do a text install to be able to watch it on my TV. Then I just needed to yum install the kmod-nvidia drivers. (Although, first […]

  • Getting Totem’s MythTV plugin to work

    One of the new features of Gnome 2.22 is the fact that Totem now has a plugin to access your MythTV programs. I installed the plugin and found myself wondering what to do next. I checked on Google for totem mythtv and didn’t find anything until today when Google finally got around to indexing a […]

  • Joining the Digital Television Revoultion (but not through Cable)

    As you’ve no doubt heard, the US will be discontinuing Analog TV transmission in February 2009. They’ve actually already auctioned off the analog spectrum (and I’m not too happy about who ended up buying it, but that’s for another post). So, if you have cable TV you don’t need to worry about this and if […]

  • Compiling

    Recently I wanted to install VMWare on Danielle’s computer.  I’ve installed Kubuntu on her Linux machine (Toad) and I wanted to get a clone over her Windows computer onto there in VMWare player.  I used VMWare Converter to create the VMWare clone of her Windows  computer and then put it into the Kubuntu box.  But […]

  • MythTv Remote Setup Complete

    Well, almost.  I got everything installed and configured for the remote to work.  However, there are currently some buttons that don’t do anything – so I need to go into the config and get those buttons to do something.  There are definitely some things that I need to program into the remove to get full […]

  • MythTv Update

    Well, I’ve have my MythTv box for about 24 hours now.  I have figured out everything that was bugging me about the system except for the remote control.  I hear this may require some compiling on my end.  Not something I’m fond of, but I’ve done it before, so it shouldn’t be too bad. So […]

  • Finally, I have MythTv!

    I’ve wanted one for quite a few years now.  I’ve really wanted one since I got my Jetway MiniQ case about 2 years ago – almost to the day.  Now I finally got all the necessary parts today and put it together.  If Jetway was still selling the MiniQ (it’s discontinued) I would DEFINITELY recommend […]

  • The Perils of the Edge of Change

    We’re on the edge of the largest disruption in Tv technology since color Tv became mainstream. In 2009 all analog television transmission will cease. Although the two terms tend to go hand-in-hand that doesn’t mean that all channels will become HD. There just isn’t the bandwidth for that in the cable pipes right now. But […]