MythTv Update

Well, I’ve have my MythTv box for about 24 hours now.  I have figured out everything that was bugging me about the system except for the remote control.  I hear this may require some compiling on my end.  Not something I’m fond of, but I’ve done it before, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

So I went from not knowing what to record last night to now having 16 programs to record over the next two weeks.  I’m not too worried about filling the drive because I can hold approximately 250 hours of programming before the hard drive gets full.  Most of these episodes are things I would probably only watch once anyway, so I’ll probably be deleting them once I watch them. 

Overall I’m very happy with the experience.  Given how much I plan on using it, I think it’s been worth the time and money I’ve put into it.  One of the plugins I think is really neat is one that has to do with Netflix, we can browse and move the queue around.  So if we’re watching Tv and a DVD commercial comes on, we don’t need to go to the computer to confirm whether we have it on our list.

Next on my list is getting the remote working (hopefully this weekend) and getting the emulators setup via the Mythgame plugin.  Other than that I’ll just be playing around with it and getting more and more comfortable with it.  If, like me, you find yourself always complaining that all the good shows you want to watch are on while you’re asleep or at work and when you’re free there’s nothing to watch, I’d definitely recommend a myth tv box, especially if you are technical/geeky enough to install it on your own.

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