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  • Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 5: supermario

    Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 5: supermario

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the next day, when I woke up, that plasma had loaded up despite the fact that I removed kmod-nvidia. Also, I did not have the same issue with KDM as I did with tanukimario. I was loaded in with the blue triangle background. I was greeted with the message…

  • Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 4: supermario

    Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 4: supermario

    Today was the big one, time to upgrade supermario, my workhorse machine. As usual I had to remove the kmod-nvidia packages. This time around, because my card was getting a little long in the tooth, it was the kmod-nvidia-340xx packages. I also had a bunch of plasmoid packages to get rid of that I didn’t…

  • Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 3: kuribo

    Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 3: kuribo

    Today I upgraded my netbook. Interestingly, this had less problems than yesterday with the guest computer. Perhaps because I wasn’t using KDM on my netbook? Anyway, I was actually expecting a worse time, but it worked out. It appears that KDE Netbook edition didn’t make the jump to Plasma 5. But maybe it’s just a…

  • Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 2: tanukimario

    Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 2: tanukimario

    Turns out that the issue was the Fedora SDDM theme. Once I changed that to the default KDE theme everything worked. I wonder what I need to do to get the Fedora theme so that works as well. At least I know for future computers what needs to be done.

  • Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 1: tanukimario

    Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 1: tanukimario

    Started off with the guest room computer as it’s the least used. If things go pear-shaped there’ll be less complaining. fedup had a complaint about the one of the dependencies of the Dolphin Emulator. I just uninstalled it for now. I’ll worry about reinstalling it later. Often during these upgrades it appears that the biggest…

  • Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 21

    The latest curl works with XBMC (now Kodi) so it’s time to upgrade my main Fedora computer. fedup –network 21 –product=nonproduct So that started running at 1427. The d/l finishes at 1500, but as usual some stuff to take care of. Mostly packages left over from previous versions of Fedora. WARNING: problems were encountered during…

  • Upgrading Kuribo

    Upgraded my netbook, Kuribo, to Fedora 21. fedup –network 21 –product=nonproduct Went off without a hitch. Like the new login theme. Waiting to make sure the curl in F21 works with Kodi (formerly XBMC) since the current newest version in 20 doesn’t work.

  • Upgrading to Fedora 20

    The original fedup – 0.7 – did not work. Upgrade to 0.8 and then it complained about three packages – gthumb, picard-freeworld, and kipi-plugins. I THINK what happened is that my Fedora 19 version was the same or greater than the version in Fedora 20, but the dependencies were written in such a way as…