Fedora 22 Upgrade Part 1: tanukimario

Fedora 22 Update Featured Image

Started off with the guest room computer as it’s the least used. If things go pear-shaped there’ll be less complaining. fedup had a complaint about the one of the dependencies of the Dolphin Emulator. I just uninstalled it for now. I’ll worry about reinstalling it later. Often during these upgrades it appears that the biggest source of issues are badly written dependencies; badly written in the sense that I end up having to remove the offending packages only to reinstall them post-upgrade without any issues.

When it loads up, for some reason I don’t have a GUI. I can startx with root and I see that Fedora has taken KDE’s psychedelic kaleidoscope and made it monochromatic.

tanukimario on first boot in Fedora 22 KDE
tanukimario on first boot in Fedora 22 KDE

Let’s see if a reboot gives me a GUI with the normal user. Good thing I didn’t try this on my main computer yet.

I have a feeling this may have something to do with a display manager change. Plus some KDE packages, like Settings, are missing. So I do a

dnf groupinstall “KDE Plasma Workspaces”

I’ll post later with the results.