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  • Preupgrade Fedora 14 to Fedora 15

    Just used preupgrade to go from Fedora 14 to 15.  The entire process took about 3 hours.  That’s not too shabby!  In the old days of disc upgrades it had to go for days.  Yum upgrade often had to work overnight.  This one was much faster!  After the upgrade, I had to turn off my […]

  • KDE 4 Look Part 2: Amarok 2.3.2 in KDE 4.5 and Fedora 14

    There was a time when I thought Amarok was the best music player on Linux.  I even used to run it in Gnome as you can see from this 2005 screenshot.  In that first link you can read me gushing over Amarok 1.4.  I loved all the integrated technologies, especially the metadata juggling Amarok did. […]

  • Quick update on my upgrade to Fedora 14

    The Gnome panel was acting a little buggy and I was going to report that, but I decided that instead I could load up KDE.  I’d been wanting to check it out a little more ever since I took a look in October.  But I was unable to open Kontact because akonadi was being annoying. […]

  • Upgraded to Fedora 14

    I just did a preupgrade upgrade from Fedora 13 to Fedora 14.  The only hitch is that it didn’t find enough space to download the installer ahead of time so that had to be downloaded after the the reboot.  Everything went off without a hitch.  My absolute cleanest upgrade ever.  Dual screen worked, nothing had […]

  • Fedora 14 Installation Process

    It’s been a more than a year since I last had to install Fedora from scratch.  I’m installing Fedora 14 into Virtualbox for an upcoming blog post where I wanted to do some stuff I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to do on my main box, so I thought I’d go ahead and blog […]

  • Fedora 14 Out Today!

    Fedora 14 is out today!  You can get it from the newly redesigned website.  Expect more from me as I explore it.  Probably in a couple weeks as I’m extremely busy right now.