Quick update on my upgrade to Fedora 14

The Gnome panel was acting a little buggy and I was going to report that, but I decided that instead I could load up KDE.  I’d been wanting to check it out a little more ever since I took a look in October.  But I was unable to open Kontact because akonadi was being annoying.  Turns out that the version of akonadi I had installed from Fedora 13 was technically a higher version than the one with Fedora 14.  I ran most of the commands on this page after getting the link as advice from fenris in the Fedora freenode IRC room.  The most important one was the ??yum distribution-synchronization which fixed that akonadi problem.  Kontact now loads up.  It’s acting a bit funny with my gmail messages, but I’m sure that can be fixed.  So I’m going to have to get back into Gnome to see if the panels are behaving a bit better now.  After all, I ended up installing about half a gig of updates tonight as a result of the instructions on that page.  This is why, folks, everyone always recommends just going for a fresh install.  Upgrades always require a bit more work.

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