Tag: Civ V: Lefties

  • Nice Try, Pharoah (520 BC – 380 AD)

    Once again we made a choice to go with a new guiding principle in our governance. This time it was Meritocracy. By rewarding those who do the best work, our citizens become happier. A gloriously large empire such as ours takes time to link up all its cities. In 360 BC the main Chinese road […]

  • Solo Empire, Pyramids, and Republic (1600 BC – 1300 BC / 2560 BC)

    If I may step out of the fictional narrative mode I’ve been using for a few weeks now, I have to say that it’s a shame these two games are my first Civ games in somewhere between 6 months and a year. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to my brain for the first half dozen or […]

  • I Think You’re An Ignorant Savage and New Social Policies (2620 BC – 1960 BC / 3280 BC)

    A bearded leader of some so-called civilization met with our Beneficent Empress, Wu Zetian. At the time we did not know where his cities lay. Savages attempted to attack Beijing, but we destroyed them by bombarding them from the city gates. We shall soon have to send an army to destroy their camp. We finally […]

  • Meeting the Neighbors and Reaching the Coast (3220-3100 BC / 3700 BC)

    One of the ancient ruins explored by our soldiers had a group of uncivilized survivors. Seeing the awesome nature of our forces convinced them it would be in their best interest to join the Chinese Empire. Their extra labor was quite welcome. Our warriors trekking to the north found two barbarian encampments. In order to […]

  • Winter is Coming and there will be timed Explosions (3460 BC / 3820 BC)

    The first group of warriors we went out have reported back to me that they have found some ancient ruins. I have instructed them to search these ruins in the hopes that they will find the secrets of an ancient civilization or perhaps the remnants of some ancient civilization that may wish to join the […]

  • New Neighbors and New Games (3700 BC/4000 BC)

    As I continue exploring, I discover that I have a City-State to the South. That’s going to put a damper on my expansion south unless I destroy them. Also, if they end up best buds with someone else that’s an enemy on my doorstep. They may be the first casualty of living near the Great […]

  • There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills! (3760 BC)

    I had my KVM set to the wrong computer so I accidentally fortified my warrior on the first turn. I didn’t realize this when the second turn started (getting used to playing hot seat) so he sat around for a turn. I started moving him around and discovered that I seem to be in a […]

  • Will we actually finish this time? (4000 BC)

    Ever since the play by email (PBEM) feature in Civilization IV, I’ve tried to play multiplayer games with my brothers. It’s pretty ridiculous in this day and age that Civilization has Nintendo-level abysmal support for asynchronous play. The games often take 40 hours to complete solo and even longer when playing live so asynchronous play […]