Will we actually finish this time? (4000 BC)

Ever since the play by email (PBEM) feature in Civilization IV, I’ve tried to play multiplayer games with my brothers. It’s pretty ridiculous in this day and age that Civilization has Nintendo-level abysmal support for asynchronous play. The games often take 40 hours to complete solo and even longer when playing live so asynchronous play is the only way that makes sense to play a game.

This time around there’s a website called Giant Multiplayer Robot to handle passing the files around. Before I’d run a program with Civ IV to make it work more easily than emailing the games around, but GMR makes it extremely easy. You just install its client and authenticate with Steam. Then it lets you know when you have a turn to play.

Giant Multiplayer Robot Application
Giant Multiplayer Robot Application

Then it launches the game for you and names the file “play this one”. When it senses you saving the game it closes Civ and asks which game it belongs to before sending the file off. So maybe Dave and I will actually finish the game. Time will tell.

Saturdays I’ll be making a post about what’s going on in our multiplayer game. It may not be the best strategy, but since Dave and I aren’t top tier players, I doubt it’ll make too much of a difference. Anyway, I’m not all that competitive so whatever.

Civilization V game against Dave - 4000 BC
Civilization V game against Dave – 4000 BC

The game put me into a potentially great spot – I have hills around the top of this city’s perimeter, giving it the potential for lots of production. However, it’s not completely surrounded by hills so it also has potential for growth with irrigation. I’m also not too far from the sea (unless that turns out to be a lake) so I can have the next city be a coastal one to make sure I can take full advantage of having a navy if the need arises.

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        • hehe. I like to have lots of Civ multiplayer games going on at once since they tend to be very slow in the early game and late-game it helps to pass the time when the other people are taking a while to do their turns. If I didn’t have to play for more than 2 games, I’d probably be playing five or so.