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  • I can’t believe this blog is 15 Years Old!

    I missed the 15 year anniversary this February because I was busy with family visiting and then COVID-19 happened and next thing I knew it was the end of July and I was realizing just how long this site has been around. The crazy thing is that in my first blog post on this blog, […]

  • If Audio Embeds Aren’t Working For You…

    If Audio Embeds Aren’t Working For You, check out this support thread in which I figured out what was going on.

  • WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”

    Go check out the awesome video explaining the new features in WordPress 3.6.

  • What WordPress 3.6 Developers Could have Done Better

    I first blogged about WordPress 3.6 in April. I was extremely excited about the new Post Formats UI and the new theme Twenty Thirteen. At the time there was a month left before the release. Then, things got pushed back a bit which messed with my image formatting. Then, at some point, they decided they […]

  • Technology Roundup

    A 1 May Ars article and 30 April Wired article mention that a UK company known as Gamma International is selling spyware that pretends to be Mozilla Firefox. Both articles mention that repressive governments have used it to spy on dissidents, but it’s unclear from the article whether the company purposely sells to evil governments […]

  • WordPress 2.7 Released

    So, WordPress 2.7 is finally here.  It’s their second visual refresh in a year and I have to say they have really outdone themselves.  When they did the last change, I thought “wow, there’s no way they could improve on this.” and “I thought their old interface was good, but this makes it look like […]

  • WP Super Cache

    My site got pounded today like a beach on a windy day when I appeared on Linux Today.  So I decided to install WP Super Cache.  This should display cached pages to anyone who isn’t commenting so hopefully it will help my site deal with a lot more traffic.  The traffic was so bad I […]

  • This’ll work for now…

    I found a WordPress theme that I mostly like called Hal 5.0.  I think the top image is a little over the top, but the overall theme is ok.  I edited the font size up from the default – the font designer must have amazing eyesight.  I also added in tag listings into the blog […]

  • Changing themes again

    This theme is really annoying me, mostly because it’s a fixed width theme.  That means that the theme doesn’t expand if you expand your Window or have a wide screen monitor.  Mostly, it means annoying things like this blog post title.  As you can see, it cuts into the metadata such as the date/time.  Also […]

  • WordPress 2.5 has been released

    It’s really funny because my brother just asked me to create a blog for him on my server and I was thinking, “Man, if WordPress 2.5 is coming out soon. I’d hate for him to learn the 2.3 interface and then have 2.5 come out right away.” But I set him up with a 2.3 […]

  • Tags are great!

    Other than widgets, I think that tags are the best feature of WordPress 2.3. Up until now I kept adding more and more categories and things were starting to get ridiculous. But now with tags I have a wonderful middle path. Categories are for broad swaths of posts and there shouldn’t be too many. (Or […]

  • One year’s worth left

    I’m getting a bit bored and my wrist is starting to hurt a little from operating the mouse so much. I’m not done recategorizing my blog posts, but I only have one year’s range left – March 2006 – March 2007. Hopefully that was a twelve month period in which I didn’t write too much. […]

  • WordPress 2.1

    Finally upgraded to WordPress 2.1 – I was waiting to make sure there weren’t any show-stopper bugs as there were in the previous version. So far no one seems to have found any problems. They didn’t do too many cosmetic changes because I can’t really tell what’s changed. I’ll have to review the changelog again. […]

  • Getting Vimeo to interface with WordPress

    I finally found out that all I need to do is to disable the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress (which I hated anyway!) and now I can get my Vimeo clips embedded. Sure, I could point you to, but people tend not to like to leave their page if they don’t have to. I’d love […]

  • WordPress is 2.0!

    Well, about 14 hours ago WordPress went 2.0!! It is amazing! They have REALLY revamped things. I’ll have to relearn how to do some tasks, but it is genrally very amazing. For example, now I can create new categories from within the post instead of saving, going to the categories page, creating it, and then […]