WordPress 2.7 Released

So, WordPress 2.7 is finally here.  It’s their second visual refresh in a year and I have to say they have really outdone themselves.  When they did the last change, I thought “wow, there’s no way they could improve on this.” and “I thought their old interface was good, but this makes it look like a pile of crap!”.  But now I feel the same way all over.  There are a few things that aren’t where I remember them, but overall, I am loving the new work they’ve done.  There’s just one thing that annoys the heck out of me – the new threaded comments don’t work with my theme.  I’m going to either have to figure out how to redesign it on my own or switch themes again.  But I really like this theme and I’ve done so much customization already.

Here are some comparison images (first 2.6, then 2.7):

Dashboard WordPress 2.6

Dashboard WordPress 2.7

Write Post WordPress 2.6

Write Post WordPress 2.7

Anyway, when it comes to WordPress 2.7 – Good job WordPress team!  You’ve done it again!