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  • Speed of btrfs scrub

    Here’s the output of the status command: [root@supermario ~]# btrfs scrub status /media/Photos/ scrub status for 27cc1330-c4e3-404f-98f6-f23becec76b5 scrub started at Tue Mar 21 17:18:13 2017, running for 01:05:38 total bytes scrubbed: 1.00TiB with 0 errors So on Fedora 25 with an AMD-8323 (8 core, no hyperthreading) and 24GB of RAM with this hard drive and […]

  • Finally have btrfs setup in RAID1

    A little under 3 years ago, I started exploring btrfs for its ability to help me limit data loss. Since then I’ve implemented a snapshot script to take advantage of the Copy-on-Write features of btrfs. But I hadn’t yet had the funds and the PC case space to do RAID1. I finally was able to […]

  • Setting up Multiple Monitors in a KVM QEMU VM

    I created this video to help people learn how easy it is with Libvirt, KVM, and QEMU to have multiple monitors in your virtual machines.

  • Current Virtual Machines

    Going to do some summer cleaning on my VMs, so I wanted to document peak KVM as a reminder of how many I had running at this time:

  • Using Flatpak to install LibreOffice on Fedora 24

    After someone told me that a PDF I’d created in Calligra Office was illegible and having issues with spreadsheets loading slowly, I decided to install LibreOffice. However, rather than go with the version in the repos, I decided to go with Flatpak – which allows for a more advanced version via the usage of runtimes. […]

  • SuperMario is at Fedora 24

    My main computer is now on Fedora 24. This time around I only had to uninstall HDR Merge (which was from my COPR and I hadn’t built a Fedora 24 version yet) and OBS-Studio because there isn’t a Fedora 24 package for it yet. Not bad. After rebooting, I didn’t have graphics. Then rebooting once […]

  • Fedora 24 is out!

    Fedora 24 is out!

    Fedora 24 was released yesterday. I updated Daisy, my big laptop, first since it’s not critical. If the update broke something I wouldn’t care. The only hitch it had was that I had to reinstall the RPMFusion repos from the RPM for Fedora 24. Otherwise it was saying that one of the packages wasn’t signed […]

  • A look at the many flavors of Korora

    A look at the many flavors of Korora

    It’s been a long time since I looked at a new Linux distro. Long time readers know I used to review Linux distros a few years ago. But one of the maintainers of Korora posts to the Fedora Planet feed. (They may say constantly that RSS feeds are dead, but some of us still use […]

  • I created my first RPM! And have a copr repo!

    I created my first RPM! And have a copr repo!

    It’s the intersection of three of my hobbies – computers, Linux, and photography! Ever since I learned how to compile source code from the net, about a decade ago, I’ve wanted to create RPMs to help those who aren’t comfortable with compiling or simply don’t want to bother with compiling. But, for some reason, RPM […]

  • Reinstalling Fedora 23 on my main Linux Computer

    Reinstalling Fedora 23 on my main Linux Computer

    After daydreaming about running my Linux computer from an SSD for years (ever since I saw how fast it made my wife’s Linux install), I finally did it on the main Linux computer (SuperMario) as the root hard drive was getting old and was liable to die at any moment. The last time I’d installed […]

  • An updated Digital Photography Workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee

    An updated Digital Photography Workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee

    Back in October, I created a video showing my workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee. After spending lots of months working with both programs and tinkering to see what works best, I have updated my workflow. Based on the current versions of the programs, here is my updated workflow:

  • XCOM, Steam, and Linux

    One of the great things about Steam and the internet is the cloud save. It means that you can go from computer to computer and, as long as it’s connected to the Internet, you can pick up your game where you left off. In my case, I have a Windows computer and a Linux computer […]

  • Host to Guest Comms on KVM

    So, the current solution for bridging with KVM/QEMU/Libvirt involves macvtap. This allows your VM to be seen by computers on the network which is key if you want to, say, run a server or DNS on a VM. However, there’s a catch – the host can’t reach the VM. Sometimes this doesn’t matter and sometimes […]

  • How to add more RAM to a KVM Virtual Machine

    I have  VM running Emby that I set up a while ago on an low spec machine that had been the guest computer before everyone got Chromebooks and tablets. But it only had 2GB of RAM and I gave 1GB to the VM. So I added some new RAM to bring the system up to […]