Fedora 24 is out!

Fedora 24 on Daisy

Fedora 24 was released yesterday. I updated Daisy, my big laptop, first since it’s not critical. If the update broke something I wouldn’t care. The only hitch it had was that I had to reinstall the RPMFusion repos from the RPM for Fedora 24. Otherwise it was saying that one of the packages wasn’t signed and refused to do the upgrade. Probably has something to do with the fact that for the last release or two, RPMFusion wasn’t exactly in the best of conditions. I’m currently updating my netbook (Kuribo), but that’s more of an all-evening affair since it’s just running on an Intel Atom. There are three more Fedora machines in the house – SuperMario, TanukiMario, and BlueYoshi. I’ll probably save the livingroom Kodi (BY) for last since everyone in the house uses that to watch TV.

So far I haven’t noticed too many changes on KDE, but the icon indicating that I have updates is different. That seems to change with every release (or at least every other one).