A look at the many flavors of Korora

20160229 - Pengin (Korora 22 Xfce)

It’s been a long time since I looked at a new Linux distro. Long time readers know I used to review Linux distros a few years ago. But one of the maintainers of Korora posts to the Fedora Planet feed. (They may say constantly that RSS feeds are dead, but some of us still use them!) Korora (which used to be based on Gentoo) aims to create the ultimate desktop user’s Fedora setup. So they tweak Fedora a bit and add some repos like RPMFusion out of the box. Since I do a lot of this every time I install Fedora anyway, I may want to just install Korora next time I do an install. So I wanted to look at Korora and also use it as a chance to take a look at what’s going on nowadays in the non-KDE/Plasma desktops. Also, since Korora 23 should be coming out within the next month or so, it should help me see how Korora upgrades compare to Fedora (*should* be the same). First the install:

The only bad thing I could find with the install is not in that video. Certain desktops (XFCE was one, I’m not sure I think another was Mate?) have their “done” buttons obscured by the theming. Luckily I knew to click somewhere in the top left corner. Hopefully that’s fixed for the future.

For some reason, my XFCE video won’t embed. You can watch it here.

Upgrading to Korora 23 didn’t really change much – the desktop environments increased in version numbering, but I didn’t see anything drastically different.