Review: White Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand, #2)

White Sand, Volume 2 (White Sand, #2)White Sand, Volume 2 by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As per usual, the second volume in a trilogy keeps setting things up without any resolution. The same applies here. That said, I do like the forward momentum in Kenton and Kris’ respective stories. While it is nice to see an illustrated version of Mr. Sanderson’s work, I can’t help wishing this were just a prose novel. There’s so much detail that I know we’re not getting because comics are a “show, don’t tell” medium. Still, the story’s kind of neat and it’s fun to see a new magic system. Interestingly, Kenton helps someone named Trell and I could have sworn that’s the name we’ve heard about in Mistborn Era 2? Clearly this story takes place before Mistborn Era 2 because we know that Kris has been exiled from her planet and we know that she’s on Scadrial around the time of Mistborn Era 1 books 2 and 3. So maybe this Trell ends up on Scadrial somehow? Or maybe (and this is rare for Sanderson) it’s just reuse of a name that has nothing to do with it.

Finally, I haven’t really been too much of a fan of the art style (which is similar to the art style in Dynamite’s A Song of Ice and Fire) so I was happy with the change for the final issue in this collection to a more standard comics style. It was easier to see what was going on (the previous style had lots of surplus lines everywhere) and easier to see the expressions on everyone’s faces. (Also to tell them apart)

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