First time at the Beach

Scarlett’s first time at the beach was much younger – five or six months – but with the twins it was just a lot harder to go on vacation. There are two of them to deal with, to pack formula for, etc. Also, for a long time Stella would spontaneously throw up. We’d dealt with that with Scarlett when we went on the trip to her first Christmas – where she kept throwing up in the car. It’s not fun.

But now the kids were a lot older and they were generally not throwing up, they were sleeping through the night, and they were even eating solids. It made it a lot easier to travel. So we went to Brighton Beach. What I thought was most interesting was that they kids were neither ecstatic about the beach nor afraid of it. They were kind of just neutral. There was some sandy stuff – let’s see what that feels like (and tastes like -ew!). And there’s an ocean – it feels weird on my feet. I’m curious so see how they’ll feel about it next year when they’re about 1.5 years old. I’m hoping they have as much fun splashing in the water and playing with sand as Scarlett did at that age.