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  • Supermario’s at Fedora 31 Now

    Went ahead and upgraded. Only had to get rid of python2-twitter and an older nvidia package. Other than that it seems to be running relatively smoothly.

  • Can Docker and Podman both run on the same machine?

    I’ve been hearing about Podman for a while now – at Red Hat Summit and at various local Red Hat presentations. I’ve seen the slides where the RHEL presenter (it’s always the same guy, but I’m terrible with names – after a bit of research, I think it’s Dan Walsh) asks you to pledge to […]

  • Daisy (laptop) upgrade to Fedora 31

    When I tried to upgrade the laptop a couple days ahead of the Tuesday release date, assuming that the sources were as good as gold at that point, the upgrade process complained about the Kdevelop Python plugin and didn’t want to proceed. I figured if this persisted past Tuesday I would just use it as […]

  • Fedora 31 is coming; Getting on Fedora 30

    Back when Fedora 30 came out, I updated my laptop, but I left my main computer and the HTPC on Fedora 29. The former because I was busy with something at the time and didn’t want the disruption of an upgrade; the latter because the family depends on it for entertainment. However, with Fedora 31 […]