New Release of my Extra Life Donations Tracker Software

If you follow the blog, you remember I’ve been working on a GUI for the donation tracker. Part of making that work involved changing the code to be object oriented. Also, it required moving the user-defined configs to be moved out of the main code. I’ve done that and finally tested that it works (I had a silly bug involving a typo that I had to correct) and merged the code into master over on the github repo. The new code required a change in the directions, so I made new instructional videos to go along with those changes:

Instructions for using EL Donation Tracker on Linux
instructions for using EL Donation Tracker on Windows

Also, while I was looking through my Github page, I was surprised to find that I’ve gone from just one fork of my code, to three!

It’s like my code is growing up from just being hobbyist baby code!