Twin 3rd Birthday Portraits

Just as with the farm portraits, this year both kids were enthusiastic about the portraits. I was bracing for Sam to once again hate the idea of portraits, but his urge to do what his sisters were doing was stronger – or maybe he’s just over whatever he hated about it last year. I’m really happy with how the portraits came out this year – particularly for Sam. It helps that the little guy is ALWAYS smiling (unless he’s been told he can’t do something). Here’s my favorite Sam portrait:

Sam third birthday portraits

And here’s a gallery of a few others from that session:

Maybe it’s because, in direct contrast to Sam, Stella always seems so serious, this one is my favorite from the session (the faves are the ones that will be printed out for my office):

Stella third birthday portraits

And here’s a gallery of some others:

It probably helps that they’re not both the same gender, but we try to give them independent identities instead of a strong twin identity. Still, I think it’s important to capture the bond, especially before they get too old to want to take photos together. Here’s my favorite one of the two of them:

Twin third birthday portraits

By the way, part of the reason why that’s my favorite is because it happened spontaneously. I didn’t tell them to do that. I didn’t even tell them to hug. I just told them to be near each other. Here are a few more group portraits:

Frankly, it’s cliche as all get-out, but I cannot believe they’re already three. I feel like I just took them home from the hospital the other day, barely larger than a sack of potatoes. And now they’re talking and asking for things (and sometimes DEMANDING things!) and asking about how things work and why things are happening. Seeing them interact with each other is incredible – and one of the few things I’m getting to do for the first time because Scarlett didn’t have a sibling for me to watch her interact with. They’re very protective of each other and I hope that bond continues.

Twin third birthday portraits
Twin third birthday portraits