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  • Scarlett Portraits (2021)

    I made some portraits of Scarlett. I used the same setup as when I did Sam and Stella’s November portraits, except with the octobox on the left this time.

  • Sam and Stella Birthday Portraits

    Sam and Stella Birthday Portraits

    Somewhat without intention, I’ve ended up alternating portraits for the twins between outdoor portraits and indoor portraits. This year was time for indoor portraits. (Although, to be fair, if it hadn’t been freezing, I might have ended up breaking the tradition) Here’s the setup I used: It’s a variant on a setup that has been…

  • Sparklers for the 4th of July

    Sparklers for the 4th of July

    Sparklers were an ever-present feature of my childhood 4th of July celebrations. This year we introduced the twins to sparklers (I’m pretty sure Scarlett has used them at least once before). They kids had a lot of fun and there were a couple burn-scares, but I think it was worth the slight parental anxiety. (Did…

  • Stella High Key (March 2020)

  • Hoodie Sisters

    There was something about this image that reminded me of older snapshots. I think it’s the fact that it’s a candid moment, not perfectly sharp as Scarlett moved out of the focal plane; but it’s not out of focus – you can see that from the shirts. So when I was processing the shot, I…

  • Scarlett Portraits

    It was time to take some portrait shots of Scarlett. As I was getting set up, I decided that I wanted to try something new; something I’d struggled with before, but never been able to succeed at – a flash highlight of a black background. I’d seen Gavin Hooey use the technique to great success…

  • The Twins Recount their Day

    A few days ago, I had the opportunity to ask the twins what they did that day while they were isolated from each other. Stella: “We played LEGO and built a lot of cool things.” Sam: “We went to Costco and then came right back home.” Mind you, they both had the exact same day…

  • Farm Photos Oct 2019

  • Coney Island Sept 2019

    Coney Island Sept 2019

    Over the years I’ve taken many, many photos of my kids at Coney Island. Lots of them have come out great. But I think this batch of photos is among the best photos I’ve taken of the kids at Coney Island thus far. In some cases, it’s the expressions on the twins’ faces. Other times,…

  • January Snow Day

    Since becoming a parent it’s been a common theme of the blog that I find it fascinating experiencing the kids getting older and, therefore, more able to process the world around them. This winter was the first time the twins could be out in the snow for more than just a few minutes. Not only…

  • Sam and Stella enjoying the fall leaves

    Sam and Stella enjoying the fall leaves

    If there’s one pleasure I was denied by growing up in Florida, it was getting to play with the fall leaves. (Of course, I was spared having to rake them – something that takes me a good afternoon here if I do it well). But my kids get to enjoy it. Sam’s expression notwithstanding, I…

  • Twin 3rd Birthday Portraits

    Twin 3rd Birthday Portraits

    Just as with the farm portraits, this year both kids were enthusiastic about the portraits. I was bracing for Sam to once again hate the idea of portraits, but his urge to do what his sisters were doing was stronger – or maybe he’s just over whatever he hated about it last year. I’m really…

  • 2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    2018 Pumpkin Patch Portraits

    Another year and the kids grow older. Last year was a disaster – the twins did NOT want their photos taken. We didn’t get any good portraits. This time everyone was game and we got good portraits – at least the first time around. When we reconvened a little later, the kids were over the…

  • The Kids at the Park

    Funny thing about this is that I could say this reflects their moods, but really only Stella is being genuinely Stella. Usually you can’t catch Sam without a smile on his face (although he *is* going through the whiny 2 year old phase), and Scarlett’s the most neutral.

  • Stella at the Park