September Video Games Report

Vertical Drop Heroes HD (2 hours):

I continued to be addicted to this little rogue-like. I’m getting pretty close to level 10 and the hinted reveal.

Civilization III (2 hours):

It came a bit later than I wanted it to, but I started playing Civ III in an attempt to play Civs III-VI between the end of September and the end of October when Civ VI comes out. (Unless things went horribly awry, it should be out by the time this post is published)

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Contraption Maker (1 hour):

Scarlett wanted to play a bit more Contraption Maker.

LA Noire (30 Minutes):

Dan got me this game about 3 years ago, if I remember correctly. I finally found the time to start it and had a powerful enough graphics card to play it. So far I hate the dynamic camera angle changes.


Final Fantasy Tactics (30 minutes):

A little more time playing this game. It’s tricky just like XCOM because you have to be in range to make an attack without being in range to be attacked.

Civilization V (30 minutes)

There is absolutely no way we’re going to finish these games before Civ VI is out.

No video from this month uploaded yet

Paragon (30 minutes)

My first modern MOBA is pretty fun, but there’s NO way I’ll be able to dedicate the time needed to complete a match unless the wife and kids are out of town.