Video Games Q1 2017

Things are busier now, especially as the weather warms up and we begin to do more outside, so I’m switching from keeping track monthly to doing so quarterly.

Vertical Drop Heroes HD (3 hr 15 min)

Finally beat this game. It was a lot of fun and I’ll probably play some New Game+ this year if I find the time.

Contraption Maker (1 hr 20 min):

Scarlett loves when I play this game and it’s always fun to go through the brain teasers to try and figure it out.

Double Dragon Neon (33 min):

A trip along memory lane as I play an update/sequel of one of the first console video games I ever played. Additionally, I get someone dropping in on the stream!

LA Noire (30 min):

I finally get to the facial recognition engine. Plus lots of flashbacks. The game should be pulling me in more, but I’m having trouble getting addicted to finding out what happens next.

BEEP! (17 min):

Not sure why I originally got this game or what bundle it was from, but it’s not for me.

Portal Stories: Mel (20 min):

Hurray! More Cave Johnson! Want to play this so much more!

Spelunky! (15 min):

Just revisiting the caverns and dying…a lot.

Civilization V (14 min):

No Civ VI this year, but continue to try and get through our years-long Civ 5 multiplayer games.

Cook! Serve! Delicious! (10 min):

Scarlett asked me to play so she could watch the patrons come in.